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Experience 100% Originality In Our Dried Cashew Nuts,Raw Cashew Nuts.
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Raj Agro Products, a company profoundly committed to produce quality Cashew Nuts operates from a prime location in Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh, India. In a very short time, we have acquired what most of the big and old formed companies fail to achieve- Trust & Love of quality demanding customers. Incredible quality standards of our Dried Cashew Nuts, SSW Cashew Nuts, Raw Cashew Nuts, JK Cashew Nuts, LWP Cashew Nuts, etc., have made us a trusted business choice of several renowned customers. We take care of cleanliness factor during production in order promise our buyers about delivery of singularly pure quality nuts. As a competitive manufacturer, we never stay behind our business contemporaries when it comes to bettering production. We adopt latest machines and tools to speed up our processing work with zero compromise on the factor of quality.

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Becoming a noteworthy name in the market is not at all difficult for a company that is firm in its purpose of making customers happy. We, stay adamant in our approach of making every business deal, a successful one by serving right quality cashew nuts in a both small and bulk quantity at a right price structure. Every order is seen by our company as a big opportunity to grow. Hence, we carefully execute each order and give a valid reason to trust on our business capabilities to customers. Transparency in operations is our business winning trait. Taking support of this trait, we let customers have clear understanding of our company policy and work so that they could make a consciously wise choice by relying over us.

Customers Satisfaction

Companies grow due to loyal presence of a big customer-base. Knowing this truth, our company aims at high growth by serving customers singularly the best in quality and high in minerals cashew nuts. We care about customers which is why we adopt quality based packaging and shipment process. We provide cashews in different grades to customers by packing them in tested packaging materials that carry complete product related information. 

How Are We Enhancing Our Market Image?
  • By completing all orders for LWP Cashew Nuts, JK Cashew Nuts, etc., in a limited period of time.
  • By implementing a very strict quality checking policy in order to render the best cashew nuts.
  • By creating strong business strategies that hints towards high business g
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